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The 88 Secret Codes of the Power Elite: The Complete Truth about Making Money with the Law of Attraction and Creating Miracles in Life that is Being Hidden from You with Mind Programming

Daniel Marques

Top 10 Best Quotes

“We are programmed to succeed from birth, but we deprogram ourselves with believes”

“You have to look at your life purpose, what you love to do and your ability to learn from your mistakes, while correcting your actions.”

“We may want to believe that previous world wars and economic depressions have awakened people from their deep sleep, but they didn’t and that’s why history keeps repeating itself.”

“We are programmed to succeed from birth but we deprogram ourselves with beliefs”

“The biggest challenge in life, from what I came to understand, comes from people trying to stop us. Apart from that, there’s no challenge greater enough to defeat an inspired person.”

“Reality is not what you see but what is, and you don't know what is until you are yourself first.”

“Most religious persons would say that “truth is God”, but they can’t explain clearly who is God and hold a perspective of truth that is actually a religious dogma.”

“Freedom can be more expensive than the lack of it, and to prove it we have the prisons of Sweden, which offer better conditions than any slum house of Brazil.”

“Faith, persistence and hard work pays off.”

“You can’t create a new life with the person you once were. It is like creating a Batman movie with Peter Pan as the hero.”

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