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Lady Jayne Disappears

Joanna Davidson Politano

Top 10 Best Quotes

“I think I know the perfect prayer.” I twirled a dandelion before my face and closed my eyes. “God, give me exactly what I would ask for if I knew everything you know.” His eyes sparkled in response. “Brilliant.”

“Every girl is bon with the ability to be herself. Many simply unlearn it because they do not like who that is, and they think no one else will either.”

“Rich is the man who sees value in every person, even if there is none to be found.”

“God, give me exactly what I would ask for if I knew everything you know.”

“Too often we cut away essential elements of ourselves to fit into a mold and discover those elements were vital to who we are, and our improvements have only made us more ordinary.”

“Sometimes God wipes away man's pride in a burst of stormy power, but usually it's done quietly and gradually.' Like my weeks spent at Lynhurst, slowly evolving and changing me, one challenge and heartache at a time. 'He seems to answer prayers the same way, doesn't he? At least, he has with mine. Not in one big powerful move, but gradually so I don't notice until I've turned around and see that I have exactly what I need.”

“For a writer, revenge was best saved for an empty notebook where the pen was, indeed, a mighty weapon against her foes.”

“Sometimes it’s a wonder God knows what to do with all our requests.”

“She slept very well at night, owing to the fact that she never took her bitterness into bed with her.”

“Shame is reserved for those who disappoint God, not people.”

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