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The Hour of Temptation

Osunsakin Adewale

Top 10 Best Quotes

“The best gift that you can give to your favourite person is to lead him or her to God.”

“You cannot be chosen as a winner without contest. Winners have many families but nobody wants to associate with a loser. I will prepare myself and one day my chance will come.”

“Every temptation is an examination; it is either you pass or fail”

“Your mockers will only celebrate with you when you have gone far beyound them.”

“When you are tempted, the Lord is with you. Do not compromise but keep going .”

“When people pushes you to end, trust God fully because two things are likely to happen. Either He holds when you fall or teaches you how to fly.”

“There is life in happiness, power in giving and greatness in knowledge. Happiness cannot be purchased, power cannot be travelled to and knowledge cannot be inherited.”

“The sun is not shining forever there are dark moment too . Your commitment , communication and consideration can bring back the light in the stormy days too.”

“The greatest anti-success in life is the fear to take a step.”

“Temptation is not limitation ; when you fail does not mean you cannot win , press forward and keep faith, for one day your chance will come .”

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