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The Wall of Storms

Ken Liu

Top 10 Best Quotes

“We suffer because we are the grass upon which giants tread.”

“History is the long shadow cast by the past upon the future. Shadows, by nature, lack details.”

“Words and actions must be read under the guiding light of intent.”

“True courage is to insist on seeing when all around you is darkness.”

“Sometimes you must do the right thing even if it hurts you. Actions reify ideals. We must never stop striving to do good, to protect the weak and the powerless. This is the charge to all men of learning.”

“But in a time of war, knowledge made interesting friendships. Soon, the scholars and the thieves were . . . well, thick as thieves.”

“Your Highness, do not use the word 'envy' so casually when you do not know the paths others have trod on. Few women - no, few people - have the advantages you possess. If you lament that you cannot live as you like, perhaps it is because you have not tried to live as yourself at all.”

“You speak of destiny, yet what is destiny but accumulated chance made into a story in retrospect?”

“What courage it took for the starving and the poor to continue the mere act of existence, of survival, of endurance. Such quiet acts of heroism were not celebrated, and yet they made up the foundation of civilization, far more than all the honorable sentiments of the Ano sages and the pretty words of the nobles.”

“True courage comes not from being certain and unafraid, but from doing what must be done even while being terrified and full of doubts.”

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