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Whisky Hernandez

J.S. Mason

Top 10 Best Quotes

“outside the watchmaker shop. It was sandwiched between a deli and a bakery and only time would tell if a condiment store would strap on in its place.”

“Claudette looked to the ground like an embarrassed sheep who had been informed that it was frequently used as a description for timidity.”

“which when compounded with the straw he was using to take intermittent sips with from his drink, conjured up an image of him as a real-life toy heat engine drinking bird that appears in science classes.”

“was in everyday attire with sand-colored jeans and a denim-blue buttoned-down shirt with his lean muscles defined underneath and exposed with his rolled-up sleeves. His tannish skin was peppered with freckles and he was bestowed with a natural rouge on his face; matched with his dry wavy dirty blonde hair he looked like a scarecrow that had given up the farm in favor of greener racing pastures.”

“her hips were having an argument with the upper half of her body as to who was to get more eye contact”

“There was an excitability about him that seemed it could dissipate at any moment as though he were Christmas in July but rather than sporting holiday cheer and sparkling fireworks, he offered the showing of amateur eggnog hangover and explanations about the lack of permits to the fire department.”

“The room made her feel like an experiment had gone wrong where error had overtaken trial which didn’t even bother anymore because there was no room for an additional hypothesis, plus or minus one clinical test.”

“The pair of them were both sans socks so beneath their footwear they were matching and going toe-to-toe.”

“Slotting his umbrella into the aptly named umbrella stand, his soothing heroic baritone voice sounded like cashmere as he spoke fitting snugly into the rescued ears of all his listeners.”

“She could see a police car zooming into the parking lot and she ushered with her hands like a bullfighter on a runway that had lost his cape, but needed to get out of Spain to atone for his sins”

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