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Daddy's Little Girl


Top 10 Best Quotes

“The importance of fatherhood in our society is gravely underrated; the damage of fatherless generations is upon us.”

“Treasures in life are often the simplicity of quiet moments with loved ones, that pass too quickly.”

“Sometimes you have to get lost before you can find yourself.”

“Fortitude creates winners and champions that aren't always perfect but perfectly persistent”

“Disagreement does not equate to hate; if it did, every child would hate their parents.”

“Beautiful blessings come at the most unexpected hour.”

“You are never a mistake, you are never unloved, you are never really alone; the God of the universe gives you purpose, never believe otherwise.”

“Where evil is measured more by the inconvenience of truth than by the reality of it.”

“When we let our mind believe in the impossible we open our hearts to God's possibilities.”

“When the conscience ceases to exist, truth loses it's way.”

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