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Never Give Up on your Dreams


Top 10 Best Quotes

“Success is possible and achievable.”

“Plan and take action. It works.”

“You are an overcomer who can overcome whatever comes your way. Stop doubting yourself.”

“What good will it do for you to give up on your dreams and in life? Will it improve that situation you are in or worsen it?”

“We do fall in life and not necessarily because we are stupid, but simply because to know that you can stand up, you have to fall.”

“Think, create your desired life, and then take action to live that life to the fullest.”

“They might choose to look down on you and say you are nothing. It is their choice, don't join them and look down on yourself.”

“Stop holding yourself back with excuses and doubt. You can do it.”

“Sometimes the shortest journey that you envisioned or planned can take longer than you thought.”

“Sometimes it is not that we can’t have the desires of our hearts, but often the problem is that we are doing nothing to have them. We desire but don’t take action to have those desires.”

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