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Whitney Hanson

Top 10 Best Quotes

“we can't skip the hard part because it's gonna help us grow”

“dear empathy, please stop telling me that it’s okay when they hurt me stop allowing me to accept the knife you see in their side is a reasonable excuse for them to put two in mine please stop introducing me to their demons i don’t want to shake hands with the reasons they can’t seem to stay please stop waving a white flag and making me pity their anger and make peace with their madness”

“you are not a second choice they didn’t choose you not because you are not worthy but because they weren’t built to love you i know their arms feel like they were supposed to carry you but their lack of strength is not a testimony of the weight of your soul but rather the weakness of theirs you are not too much”

“society's perspective on beauty isn't even based on a person's soul anymore it's based on their large ass and tits.”

“i know that right now you want to run to them but closed arms will not hold you and careless hearts will not heal you”

“Loving you felt like leaving a book out in the wind the pages turned too fast for me to read I dient get enough time to adore you to explore you to trace your lines with my fingertips and reread my favorite parts to live the story I knew we we meant to be before I knew it the book was closed the story was over - unfinished”

“you are so incredibly capable of collecting the stars you just have to overcome your fear of heights”

“sometimes the battles that take the most strength are the ones you choose not to fight ~surrender”

“people with the most intricate minds have the most turmoil inside you cannot be filled with the galaxies and not expect explosions”

“i told you that you remind me of springtime and i didn’t lie i just forgot that seasons are temporary you can’t tell spring to stay the same way you can’t ask the sun not to set but sometimes i can close my eyes and remember the feeling of sunlight the smell of a fresh start and the sound of birds singing again thank you for reminding me that things will be good again even if it was only for a season”

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