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Farewell to Matyora

Valentin Rasputin

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Why seek some higher truth and service, when all the truth is in the fact that you're worth nothing and won't be worth anything anymore, that everything that you came into the world to do, you've done long ago, and that your only work now is to be a burden to others. Is that so? Is it?”

“Who could say why worthwhile people have worthless children?”

“When Father was dying, he said: 'Darya don't take on too much --you'll wear yourself out, you take on only the most important thing: to have a conscience and not to be bothered by it.”

“There's nothing left holy in the world for you. Herods!”

“There was nothing more unfair in the world than when something, be it tree or man, lived on to uselessness, to the point when it became a burden; that of the multitude of sins let loose upon the world to be prayed away and redeemed, this was the only one that was unbearable. The tree at least would fall, rot, and fertilize the earth. But man? Is he at least good for that? Then why bear old age if it brings nothing but discomfort and suffering?”

“The world is going to crack in half: that's what is happening! And it will break across us, the old people...we don't belong here or there. Lord have mercy!”

“The new settlement was no nearer or dearer to her than, say, America, where they said people, in order to not wear out their feet, walked on their heads.”

“Slowly but surely life becomes normal, and a man gets used to it, it doesn't happen any other way.”

“She had to live a long and wretched life to admit to herself at its end that she hadn't understood anything about it.”

“Oh don't torture my heart! I'll die of sadness in one week there. Living among strangers! How can you transplant an old tree?”

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