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The Revenge Of Geography: What the Map Tells Us About Coming Conflicts and the Battle Against Fate

Robert D. Kaplan

Top 10 Best Quotes

“As Napoleon said, to know a nation's geography is to know its foreign policy”

“Mass education, because it produces hosts of badly educated people liberated from fatalism, will contribute to instability (p. 123).”

“And so this is where the post Cold War has brought us: to the recognition that the very totalitarism that we fought against in the decades following WWII might, in quite a few circumstances, be preferable to a situation where nobody is in charge. There are things worse than communism, it turned out, and in Iraq we brought them about ourselves.”

“Realists value order above freedom: for them the latter becomes important only after the former has been established.”

“Ivan showed that in his time and place the only antidote to chaos was absolutism.”

“Geography and history demonstrate that we can never discount Russia. Russia’s partial resurgence in our own age following the dissolution of the Soviet Empire is part of an old story. Russia”

“As Morgenthau points out, small- and medium-sized states like Israel, Great Britain, France, and Iran cannot absorb the same level of punishment as continental-sized states such as the United States, Russia, and China, so that they lack the requisite credibility in their nuclear threats.”

“The threat to Europe comes not in the form of uniforms, but in the tattered garb of refugees,”

“The debacle of the early years in Iraq has reinforced the realist dictum, disparaged by idealists in the 1990s, that the legacies of geography, history, and culture really do set limits on what can be accomplished in any given place.”

“The United States was a great power less because of its ideas than because, with direct access to the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, it was “the most favored state in the world from the point of view of location.”

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