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Digital Master

Pearl Zhu

Top 10 Best Quotes

“We are moving slowly into an era where Big Data is the starting point, not the end.”

“It is the time to tremendous awakening toward “inquisitiveness” with cross-cultural sharing through technology and inner insights.”

“Innovation has to become the philosophy, and part of DNA in an organization.”

“Digital synchronization occurs when all parts of the choir sing their respective parts in harmony.”

“Digital means flow: data flow, information flow, knowledge flow, and mind flow.”

“Innovation is the only bridge to mind digital gaps.”

“Employee engagement takes mind, heart and hands unification.”

“Digital creates the new demand and dimension for global leadership mind-set.”

“Culture is like water in the sea; it can either keep the business ship afloat or drag it down and sink it.”

“Innovation is the art at the eyes of artist; the science at the mind of scientist; and the bridge between the art and science.”

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