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A Mother's Cry... A Mother's Celebration

Neena Verma

Top 10 Best Quotes

“There are words like ‘orphan’, ‘widow’ and ‘widower’ in all languages. But there is no word in any language to describe a parent who loses a child. How does one describe the pain of ‘ultimate bereavement’! (Page 50)”

“Twilight, the only time of the day when the light and dark meet and become one. The bright powerful light of the day, calmly surrenders before the engulfing duskiness of the night. And the dense whelming darkness of the night yields before the surreal dawning saffron of the morning. The only two moments of the day that absolve the difference between ‘dark and light’. (Page 71)”

“The morning’s splendour is conceived in the dark womb of night. A truth … we all know and believe. Yet a truth, that is most difficult to live and endure when one is in that dark womb. Alive and breathing … but inert, vulnerable, and ‘in waiting’. Witnessing but not conscious, wakeful but not awake. (Page 2)”

“Twilight ... Say, who you are !! The dusk before the night Or the dawn before the light (Page 73)”

“One is in 'Waiting' Even after it's over Grief comes to stay Never up for closure ... There is no escape ever One is always yearning Grief envelops those Left behind in 'waiting' ... ‘Staying stuck’ in pain Hiding deep in the heart 'Let go' ! Yes, but how To make a new start ... One has to live in the Dark blind ‘Black-hole’ Until Light would grace Rekindling a 'Whole' (Page 49)”

“Forgetting is not forgetting Forgetting is ‘Letting things pass’ When Existence opens up to Essence And rises above and beyond The path of Transcendence opens Love goes beyond Death The body disappears The person lives In Love And in this Love Remembrance is born (Page 91)”

“Nature does not abandon us. Rather, it helps us in accepting our loss, grief and pain. It stays with us, even cries with us. It gifts us openings, may be more than once, to heal, transcend and re-emerge. (Page xii)”

“Death It does not happen to the dead alone Those left behind, die too In parts that would never heal and come back to life (Page 14)”

“Bereavement, despair, ache, yearning happen to all. We all bear the pain of grief. We all take them in our own ways. And we are all blessed with the grace to transcend. (Page xii)”

“We are generally not programmed to imagine death, to handle death, to absorb grief, at least not in the immediacy of things, definitely not when the ‘thing’ has happened to another person.”

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