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The Stillwater Girls

Minka Kent

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Fear does that to you, though. It makes you question what you want and what you think you want.”

“you with postpartum psychosis,” he”

“man who’s held on to an ocean of secrets so turbulent they could have drowned him.”

“feel it in the gravity of his words and the invisible heaviness that lingers in the space between us.”

“The doctor said you had dissociative amnesia.”

“Panic isn’t just written on his face—it’s carved.”

“Our marriage is a jagged gash, all the good parts—the parts we need to survive and the parts that make us who we are together—gushing from the wound, and there’s no tourniquet in sight. I don’t know how to stop the bleeding. All I know is I have to try . . . because I’m losing him.”

“My subconscious is a cruel, cowardly bitch that shows herself only when I’m unable to fight back, unable to shut her off.”

“Mama also once said our government fell apart. She said we used to have leaders and presidents who wanted to do great things for our country and its people. We revolted, she said, when we realized they lied. Our functional democracy disintegrated, and everything stopped working. There were no presidents, no political parties, no nothing . . . just local municipalities ensuring roads were paved and taxes were collected.”

“I’m not even going to dignify his question with a response because this entire conversation is pointless and not worth a freckle-size speck of my energy.”

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