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Poems for the Signs

Michaela Angemeer

Top 10 Best Quotes

“emptied my cup to fill up yours until i learned that there’s no point in watering something that doesn’t want to grow”

“you can understand where someone is coming from and still not accept how they treat you”

“my wrist to your lips feel my pulse in your mouth always faster than it should be”

“i’ve been shining for others for so long that i forgot what it felt like to shine for myself the star”

“i will be the last woman in my family to be used as a pin cushion a mirror a reflection of a man’s wounds”

“be love. embrace love in all forms. let go of fear of love. realize love is all you need. create a life full of romance. light candles and incense. wear perfume. buy yourself gifts for no reason. be open to receiving. realize that the only person who can stop you from living your dream is you. and you are deserving of a life worth dreaming about.”

“you'll find me in the meadow tangled hair bits of grass i've plucked all the wildflowers now they sing your name while i wail it toes caked in mud fistfuls of twigs i found a morel by a fallen tree red jasper in the marsh wade through the river could you hear me scream? i thought i lost my voice i mean i only spoke the truth through shattered teeth but you are honey-coated throat i thought i lost my way i mean i burned all the maps they gave me but then i heard you coming”

“you are not too much. you are brilliant. remarkable. you fill up rooms with love. you are joy. you are sunlight. you put more stars in the sky. your laugh makes the earth a better place. every day the world tells you to hide. but you say no. your soul was put here to take up as much space as possible. and there is room for you to be even more.”

“the people who tell you you’re too big have spent their whole lives afraid to grow.”

“some days i cannot see where my mother ends and i begin”

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