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#NOW: The Surprising Truth about the Power of Now

Max McKeown

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Nowists get off on getting on, so they run when they could walk, jump when they could sit and dance when they could sit at the edge. They regret inaction, so simply act.”

“You get told to look before you leap. But if you are too careful you may end up just looking.”

“Only the right pain gets the right gain.”

“If you don't start, you're finished.”

“If life is fast, live faster.”

“Your life is what happens when you're busy trying to become unbusy.”

“Pushing your limits is what allows you to grow stronger, so if you find yourself feeling passive, it can make sense to dial it up a little. Get moving. Accomplish something small. Do something you enjoy. Embrace what moves you. And start again.”

“Nowists are more likely to experience joy because they embrace the uncertainty of existence. They are switched on by the uncertain stuff of human life and come alive when faced with life at its most uncontrollable.”

“Embrace the perpetual joy of moving perpetually forward.”

“All we've got is Now. Life, composed of a billion moments, from our first to our last thoughts.”

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