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AI 2041: Ten Visions for Our Future

Kai-Fu Lee

Top 10 Best Quotes

“To the AI, such things were a matter of math, not love.”

“To put it in technical terms, the core of the issue is the simplicity of the objective function, and the danger from single-mindedly optimizing a single objective function, which can lead to harmful externalities.”

“Regardless of these theories, I believe it’s indisputable that computers simply “think” differently from our brains.”

“More data leads to better AI (artificial intelligence), more automation leads to greater efficiency, more usage leads to reduced cost, and more free time leads to greater productivity. All of these will grow into a mutually reinforcing virtuous circle that will continually and rapidly increase the adoption of AV (autonomous vehicles).”

“Imagine, a $1,000 political assassin! And this is not a far-fetched danger for the future, but a clear and present danger.”


“autonomous weapons are already a clear and present danger, and will become more intelligent, nimble, lethal, and accessible at an unprecedented speed.”

“Yuval Noah Harari has called science fiction “the most important artistic genre” of our time.”

“While humans lack AI’s ability to analyze huge numbers of data points at the same time, people have a unique ability to draw on experience, abstract concepts, and common sense to make decisions. By contrast, in order for deep learning to function well, the following are required: massive amounts of relevant data, a narrow domain, and a concrete objective function to optimize. If you’re short on any one of these, things may fall apart.”

“When we “see,” we are actually applying our accumulated knowledge of the world—everything we’ve learned in our lives about perspective, geometry, common sense, and what we have seen previously. These come naturally to us but are very difficult to teach a computer. Computer vision is the field of study that tries to overcome these difficulties to get computers to see and understand. COMPUTER VISION APPLICATIONS We are already using computer vision technologies every day. Computer vision can be used in real time, in areas ranging from transportation to security. Existing examples include: driver assistants installed in some cars that can detect a driver who nods off autonomous stores like Amazon Go, where cameras recognize when you’ve put a product in your shopping cart airport security (counting people, recognizing terrorists)”

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