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The Big Story: How the Bible Makes Sense out of Life

Justin Buzzard

Top 10 Best Quotes

“His self-righteousness has prevented him from enjoying the grace all around him.”

“If your God can't disturb your life, then you don't have a real God.”

“What could be more encouraging than realizing that Jesus calls the unqualified?”

“Our relationship with Jesus is based on grace- on the unexpected, undeserved, counterintuitive love of God.”

“Hope is the sunshine and sprinklers of your life. It's what makes you grow and thrive.”

“Each of us ought to be so happy that Jesus found us and saved us, that we are running to find the next person who needs to be introduced to Him. That's what church is, a community of rescued people celebrating grace, eager to spread the good news of grace and bring other people to the party.”

“A pine cone cannot fall from a tree unless God is involved. A bumblebee cannot pollenate a flower or sting your arm apart from the will of God. Money cannot enter or exit your bank account apart from the sovereignty of God. Little Ernest cannot be born or be buried in that grave just a half-mile from my house apart from God’s will. Legislation cannot be passed in this country or in any other apart from God’s sovereignty. You hold this book in your hands because God sovereignly allows you to hold this book in your hands. Everything is under His sovereign rule. Some of us believe that God is a bit like the president. He has a lot of power and authority, but there are checks and balances to limit Him. He is limited by our human choices, the events of the future, the wrongs of the past, or by those who do not believe in Him. Some of His legislations could be vetoed. His popularity can ebb and flow. But God is not like that at all. There are no limits to His rule and power.”

“There is grace for the unrighteous and the self-righteous alike, and the father loves both sons well.”

“Jesus doesn't come asking if He can hang out with us. He commands us to follow Him. He has total authority and will settle for nothing less; He won't settle for being an accessory, an add- on, or a peaceful accompaniment to a nice life. No, He will rule and He will meddle.”

“Jesus doesn't adjust to us, and He doesn't submit to our whims. We adjust to Jesus and submit to Him. Jesus is King, not an accessory.”

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