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Harlan Coben

Top 10 Best Quotes

“When you’re young you don’t get how great it is to be loved unconditionally.”

“Some people are conduits for misery.”

“Myron likes to say that even the ugliest truth is better than the prettiest of lies.”

“If I have to cheer for you to know I’m proud,” Dad once told Myron, “then I’m doing something wrong.” Never”

“Here are two short articles on how to seduce your man: ―"Ask him if he wants to have sex". And: ―Say, "Yes, that would be nice.”

“you’d heard he was a great teacher and that”

“you have to be ready for pain. One doesn’t come without the other. If I didn’t love you, I wouldn’t have to worry about losing you.”

“went back and helped her clean up. The police were able to find enough remains to identify, even ten years later, my cousin Rhys. That will never happen with Nancy Moore. No one will ever find the slightest trace. Oh, there will be sightings. An anonymous call will claim they saw her on a beach in Fiji. Someone else will say she’s living in a monastery in the hills of Tuscany. Or perhaps someone will spot her in London, where Zorra is currently paying a visit to a certain rotund pedophile.”

“triple-decker sandwiches with rye bread, Russian dressing, coleslaw, and at least three meats—in this case, turkey, pastrami, corned”

“just put the gun down. Let’s go home. Please.” “My God,” Sheriff Yiannikos said under his breath, “he’s going to do it.” Myron could see that too. He debated making a move, sprinting toward the boy, but there”

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