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Does It Hurt?

H.D. Carlton

Top 10 Best Quotes

“There’s a place in the ocean, so deep, where not a single point of light penetrates through it. And for so long, I’ve been trapped there, unable to breathe. When I met you, you lifted me out of that darkness, and it was the first time I came up for air. You’ve become my oxygen, bella ladra, and I can no longer breathe without you.”

“The day you stole from me was the best day of my life,” he whispers against my lips. “Because then you became my life, and I don’t want it back. I won’t fucking take it.”

“When have we ever been able to let go of the things that hurt us most?”

“You’re going to ruin me, too. But unfortunately for you, that’s where I feel most at home.”

“You are a thief, baby. You stole my name, and now you’ve taken my heart, too. Demand anything else from me, and I’ll give it to you.”

“You’re a goddamn siren, and I’m the fool who would gladly drown just to get a taste of you.”

“What happened to you does not define you. It only forged a new path that will take you to a different version of yourself. But no one can force you to walk that road; only you can determine who you will be once you get there. It’s your choice who you become, Sawyer.”

“I wanted to take all her broken pieces, and fucking shatter them—turn them into dust so she could never be whole again. I realize now how foolish it was when I could take those pieces and give them a home amongst my own.”

“Fuck, keep milking every last drop. You can have it all, baby. You only have to take it.”

“And I will accept nothing less. The only type of daddy I'm interested in is the sugary ones.”

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