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Deep Legend

Deyth Banger

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Waiting and waiting and waiting... for somebody to reply... but nobody is going to reply.”

“Current Position: Tired from the human race.”

“We should be ready for a change.”

“Problems and problems... and problems and the whole truth was told. (Holiday Engagement 2011 - Movie)”

“Love doesn't need a reply... ignorance and is it a romantic image?”

“It's time to change... it's time to start working on yourself.... improve yourself.... you don't have time for excuses.”

“It sounds like it's very easy, but it's ain't easy.”

“If you want to get results in your life try with comedy... first pressure then apply comedy. Always it shallow the shitty life-pressure!”

“I understand Medicine, Forensics... I can learn it in the frame of 1-2 years... No Problem in that.”

“I like things and stuff which make me to think deeper about life.”

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