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Age of Vice

Deepti Kapoor

Top 10 Best Quotes

“If you use any of this, just remember, nothing will change, this is Kali Yuga, the losing age, the age of vice.”

“They want me to have a beautiful surface and be rotten to the core, like they are.”

“The only thing he’s guilty of is ambition. Of rising above his station. Did my father cut corners on the way? Yes. This is India. The game is rigged, the rules are stacked, you people make the rules in the first place. You already have everything, and you don’t want to share. So sometimes things must be taken.”

“And smile. You’re a Wadia man now. No one will ever steal from you again.”

“whom they steal, whose very lives they destroy.”

“know you come from a place,” Daddy says, “where they hold many backward customs and beliefs. Many rules and customs that are true to the reality of your world. But we’re free of that here, and so you are free now. Do you understand?”

“Your parents are leftist liberal intellectual types who don’t believe in religion, caste, or class.”

“You think I don’t know,” Bunty says, “about the trafficking. About those girls?” “I assumed you turned a blind eye.”

“You are who you are, the past is gone. It’s the present you must master now.”

“You actually think I want to go off and make a hotel with you? A hotel?! Pull myself up by my bootstraps? With you?! Sunny, my boy, you’re nothing on your own.”

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