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Wildflower Pages

Brittany Litster

Top 10 Best Quotes

“when all things lovely and pure move into your heart-house remember to clean up and dust off regularly remnants of the former residents fear, sadness, anxiety may stick around but when you let the light in it has a way of making everything new”

“the more I seek Him the more I notice flowers landing next to my feet birds singing outside my window all love letters from the God who knows no coincidence”

“if I don’t find sitting at the feet of Jesus the most glorious place in the world nowhere else will meet my expectations of wonder or beauty”

“at the end of my life I want every page to be filled with Jesus making much of His beauty my only legacy”

“To the wildflowers still striving and performing, may this book introduce you to a new way of living.”

“I won’t be surprised by closed doors and redirection for I remember that I prayed: God, Your will be done.”

“I won’t be surprised by closed doors and redirection for I remember that I prayed: 'God, Your will be done.”

“I used to think I was the one reaching for God but when I woke up I saw a beautiful reality I’ve been in His hand all along I still am”

“I keep a flower hidden between the pages of every journal in my house petalled bookmarks dried yet alive in a different way much like my soul awakened to a new forever-melody that sounds something like this joy! joy! joy!”

“I found true joy in the everyday walking with Him I find it still in fields once overgrown with fear now flowering abundantly because where He goes life always follows”

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