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Anticancer, a New Way of Life

David Servan-Schreiber

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Statistics are information, not condemnation. The objective, when you have cancer and want to combat fatality, is to make sure you find yourself in the long tail of the curve.”

“still carry with me the lesson he taught me: On the threshold of death, one can still save one’s life. That gave me enough confidence to take on the task I had to carry out for myself, to be ready when the time came.”

“same conclusion for colon cancer: The risk was twice as high for people who ate large quantities of meat as for those who consumed fewer than 20 grams (an ounce) a day. (With regular consumption of fish—rich in omega-3s—the risk went down by 50 percent.)98”

“made a similar discovery about prostate cancer.7 Certain genes trigger an extreme sensitivity to inflammation and stimulate the transformation of slow-growing microtumors of the prostate into aggressive and metastatic cancers.e However, when men who carried such genes consumed oily, omega-3-rich fish at least twice a week, their dangerous genes remained in check. Their cancers were five times less likely to become aggressive than those of men who ate no oily fish at all.”

“have found harmony in this simple quartet: detoxification of carcinogenic substances, an anticancer diet, adequate physical activity, and a search for emotional peace.”

“and it has confirmed the importance of paying attention to how our emotions may affect the course of cancer.”

“When left unattended, these feelings—not the stresses of life themselves—contribute to the inflammatory processes that can help cancer grow.”

“We all live with myths that undermine our capacity to fight cancer. For example, many of us are convinced that cancer is primarily linked to our genetic makeup, rather than our lifestyle. When we look at the research, however, we can see that the contrary is true.”

“Throughout the process, the scanner emits a loud clanging sound, like that of a metal staff striking the floor repeatedly. It corresponds to the movements of the electronic magnet that quickly turns on and off to induce variations in the magnetic field in the brain.”

“This study shows that lifestyle is fundamentally involved in vulnerability to cancer.”

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