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Chaos in the Caravan

Daniel Thorman

Top 10 Best Quotes

“I’d heard of homesickness, but I hadn’t known that one could experience it prior to actually leaving a place.”

“There is no 'fair' in swordplay.”

“Worse. Taxmen! Bandits we could fend off, but these fellas will fleece you like a ewe in spring.”

“Whereas a horse might willingly undertake whatever it was trained to do, a mule would sometimes decide that it knew better.”

“Trust in any man, I thought, and it will earn you naught but a broken heart!”

“Though ‘planning for the unexpected’ seemed to run counter to logic, I was beginning to grasp how it might be accomplished.”

“Largesse robs one of dignity. What sense does it make to tax a man to within an inch of his life and then dole some back to him with an indifferent hand?”

“It was a feeble lord indeed who would suffer a band of mercenaries on his land who served a master other than himself.”

“I was soon to discover just which group served as the bottom-most rung of the caravan’s social ladder.”

“Be careful, youngster, when dealing with the woodland fey. They can tell a true heart from that of a greedy bastard.”

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