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Dada Bhagwan

Top 10 Best Quotes

“When not even a slightest doubt arise in carrying out a work, then his work is bound to be accomplished.”

“When children see their parents killing insects, then they also kill [insects]. Whatever knowledge they see, they do accordingly. So they take a beating for it.”

“View Point’ is that which gives rise to difference of opinions.”

“Upon completion of an in-depth study of the four Vedas, what do the four Vedas themselves say? “This is not That, this is not That! The Soul (your real self) that you are searching is not in here. Go to a Gnani [the enlightened one] !”

“To have dispassion for worldly life (vairaag) is in fact the (result of) pondering over worldly life; analyzing it deeply immediately results in aversion (for worldly life).”

“To connect the meditator (dhyata) to the object of meditation (dhyeya) is Purusharth (spiritual effort to progress as the Self) and meditation (dhyan) is the effect [resultant state].”

“Those who have anger try to subdue others with the heat of anger, and those who do not have anger are able to subdue others with the strength of character known as sheel (highest conduct in worldly interaction)! Even the animals are subdued with this character!!!”

“This ‘good’ and ‘bad’ that we see; are the states of the body complex, the non-Self (pudgal). Do not separate them into ‘this is good’ and ‘this is bad’. Such distinctions have been made by, those believing in dualities. These dualities are vikalps (intellectual ideas; contrary thoughts; not reality). The nirvikalpi, one with awareness of the Self, sees both the good and the bad as vibhavik avastha, as states of the non-Self.”

“This satsang (spiritual discourse) of 'ours' is considered unprecedented! It is such that it has never been heard before!”

“The instrument to break our ego is known as worldly life!”

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