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The Sunset of Science and the Risen Son of Truth

Calvin W. Allison

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Your morning will brighten with the mercy and compassion of God. He will strengthen you with honor and bestow His grace to you. He will reach out His Hand and calm the storm that has troubled the waters in your life, and He will walk with you forever.”

“You're seeing. You know where you went wrong. You're needing what you've needed all along. A Guide to lead you, to break through the wall. A love to grip you that won't let you fall. Freedom, an inward release. Joy, an inward increase. Faith, the storms to cease. Peace, spiritual peace.”

“You're contemplating turning around. To go to the place where the lost get found. To allow your heart to open up, and living water to fill your cup. Yes, you're seeing. You're almost there. All it takes is one, in faith, prayer. Jesus will step in, and make you whole. Are you ready? Give Him control. Turn away from your darkened land. Reach out by faith, and take His Hand.”

“You'll see me in the morning if you do not flood the street. You'll hear me in the evening if you don't drowned out the beat.”

“You'll find it if you seek. You'll see it if you look. You'll hear it if you listen. The truth's in the good book. Be set free. 3. Be made new. 2. By God's Son. 1. It's time.”

“You won't freeze me in my tracks or put me on a string. I won't be made a puppet on a stage at leftwing. There are no strings to yank or closet skeletons to sell, and I will not walk the plank above your wishing well. You'll see me in the street. You'll hear me in the field. There will be no retreat or brake at the yield.”

“You can basically compare the pattern of just about anything that you can think of that has been made by humans to things that were not made by humans. For example: an icebox and freezer are basically a manmade miniature variation of winter while an oven is basically a manmade miniature variation of summer. Each were manufactured by humans who had an understanding of the laws of nature that govern the atmosphere.”

“While speculation is accepted at the forefront of the scientific community, it holds no place in the fundamentals of Christianity.”

“When you are full of the word of God, you will have the character of God, and when you have the character of God, you will be able to share His Gospel in a way that is not rude or disrespectful. But loving and kind.”

“When there are over 211,000 homicide cases since 1980 that still remain unsolved in America, and the same scientists who claim that they can determine that the earth is 4.5 billion years old can’t solve them, I’d say that’s good verification that their assessments of evolution are mere assumption.”

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