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The Empire and the Five Kings: America's Abdication and the Fate of the World

Bernard-Henri Lévy

Top 10 Best Quotes

“there is a suicidal weakness in the relationship between the democracies and war; that our first reflex, when the alarm sounds and well-armed and determined adversaries trample our values underfoot, is to do nothing at all.”

“the Turks, Iranians, Russians, Chinese, and the Sunni caliphs—the five powers bent on revising the international order and preparing to show their hand (each at its own pace) in challenge to the United States and Europe, have the distinctive characteristic of being custodians of the most legendary examples of empire and of being, right up to the present, passionately inhabited by this imperial memory.”

“reassembling the last pieces of the puzzle, I discovered something almost worse than nonintervention, blindness, and betrayal: when America decided to react, when it seemed to take the measure of the rout that it was inflicting on itself and finally spoke up, however timidly, its words fell flat and were ignored.”

“When any of us surfs the Web, when we do a search or make a purchase, or even when a Turkish, Egyptian, or Russian dissident communicates via Skype or FaceTime, we leave behind us fingerprints that Big Brother will use in any way that pleases him, whether it is to cash in or clamp down.”

“Venezuela, a state that is a calamity for Venezuelans and a friend of the most shunned regimes (Pakistan, of course, along with North Korea, Iran, Russia, and others just as odious), while also being the architect of the farcical “Bolivarian alliance.”

“Trump and Zuckerberg, though they probably agree on nothing, are the two blades of a pair of scissors that is cutting the fabric of truth to ribbons.”

“There exists in the Middle East a state, Syria, that emerged from the decisions of a Franco-British diplomatic duo whose job was to divide the spoils of the Ottoman Empire.”

“Links against chains. Links of solidarity versus chains of servitude. The brotherhood of the shaken against the unholy alliance of cold-blooded monsters and frauds.”

“It is also important to recall the role that the digitization of the world has played in the global offensive against the will to seek and find truth.”

“In this new world, which seems made to lead not to a beautiful book but to a gallery of Instagram selfies, we collect ourselves, getting high on narcissism repeated ad infinitum, and we reign over a world nearly stripped of its substance.”

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