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The Story of San Michele

Axel Munthe

Top 10 Best Quotes

“To become a good dog-doctor it is necessary to love dogs, but it is also necessary to understand them - the same as with us, with the difference that it is easier to understand a dog than a man and easier to love him.”

“We know that we are going to die, in fact it is the only thing we know of what is in store for us. All the rest is mere guesswork, and most of the time we guess wrong. Like children in the trackless forest we grope our way through our lives in blissful ignorance of what is going to happen to us from one day to another, what hardships we may have to face, what more or less thrilling adventures we may encounter before the great adventure, the most thrilling of all, the Adventure of Death.”

“Happiness we can only find in ourselves, it is a waste of time to seek for it from others, few have any to spare. Sorrow we have to bear alone as best we can, it is not fair to try to shift it on others, be they men or women. We have to fight our own battles and strike as hard as we can, born fighters as we are.”

“Why didn’t we build more hospitals and fewer churches, you could pray to God everywhere but you could not operate in a gutter!”

“Norstrom always used to say that I had two different brains working alternatively in my head: the well developed brain of a fool and the un- developed brain of a sort of genius.”

“Death, the giver of Life, the slayer of Life, the beginning and the end.”

“that there is no drug as powerful as hope, that the slightest sign of pessimism in the face or words of a doctor can cost his patient his life.”

“soul needs more space than the body. Not”

“le malade au petit papier, as Charcot used to say.”

“You cannot be a good doctor without pity.”

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