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Ice Town

Akash Rathod

Top 10 Best Quotes

“We should feel like babies — detached from earthly affairs. As a child, you are not jealous of anyone, you are neither afraid of failure nor success. You live in the present. You don’t remember what had happened yesterday and even if you do, you don’t care. That’s the only state where humans can be happy and win over the suffering.”

“Look around you. These buildings, cars, trees, people - everything is made up of ice, even human emotions, and feelings. You know one day when the sun will rise high, all this is going to melt. But then you make sure not to drown in this town. You must gather your things and go in search of another town. To another ice town. But remember, wherever you go, it will always be an ice town. And the thing about ice is its meant to melt.”

“Listen to the sound of the universe and you will never be lost.”

“Curiosity creates an artist. So, chase your curiosity until you find an artist inside you.”

“You love at least one thing more than you love any person and that thing is always worth living for.”

“What a tragedy to see a boy dumb himself to death for a girl.”

“Remember, you are not going to stay on this planet forever. So if you want to do something – do it now.”

“People say, ‘more dreams are realized in Mumbai than in any other city in India.”

“Past is like a poison – it kills you, slowly, but it definitely does.”

“One suffers a great deal when one has a dream but no courage to follow it than the one who does follow the dream despite the circumstances.”

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