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Manners & Mutiny

Gail Carriger

Top 10 Best Quotes

“A lady must always be prepared. Snacks are an essential part of espionage.” Sophronia”

“A girl wearing a wicker chicken and playing the harp bopped me with a book about buns and then stuffed me under a piano.”

“He wants to know why my marks aren’t better. Why I don’t speak fluent French. Why I can’t kill a fully grown man with a nutcracker.”

“As much as she was enjoying it, Dimity would always rather talk about reading than actually read.”

“After every unladylike action, there must be an equal and opposite reaction. Consider the necessary, analyze the consequences, clean up the mess.”

“He might have lost his mind, but never his fashion sense.”

“Oh, yes? Then explain the melancholy.’ ‘Perhaps I’m bored.’ ‘With what?’ asked Agatha. ‘Oh, you know. Flirting, pretty dress, espionage… death.”

“It is a valuable thing for an intelligencer to be forgotten.”

“We like the shadows. That's where all the power is.”

“Shut your cake hole, you revolting young blot.”

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